With over 1 500 in vitro annual cycles, our Assisted Reproduction Unit is a part of a large hospital and this is an advantage for our patients as it enables us to be committed to continuity of care under one roof – prior, during and following fertility treatment. Since its foundation, our fertility specialists have helped the birth of more than 7 000 babies.

The IVF Laboratory is crucial for the treatments offered at every fertility clinic and we ensure that the highest level of quality is maintained at our lab. All the procedures in our IVF Laboratory are documented and at frequent intervals we analyze trends to understand if any corrective action is required.

Our state of the art IVF Laboratory is equipped with modern technology that allow us to performs routinely IVF, ICSI and IMSI (MSOME) procedures, Laser Assisted Hatching for facilitation the process of implantation, Time Lapse Embryo Monitoring, SCA® CASA System that allows assessment of sperm parameters: motility, concentration, morphology, DNA fragmentation and vitality, PGD/PGS, Vitrification, etc.

The IVF Laboratory is equipped also with Monitoring and alarming system which has specifically been designed for the needs of ART. The system provides indipendent monitoring and documentation of temperature from incubators, fridges, pH and CO2 sensors from incubators. It raises alarm if any of the value leaves the pre-defined normal range. Alarming is done via acusical and optical signals or by sending text messages to mobile phones of lab staff.

HEPA filters are integrated part of our laminar flow cabinets that are used as the work stations for the embryologists when working with patient sperm, eggs and embryos (gametes). HEPA filters are able to remove from the air that passes through them, 99.97% of particles that are only 0.3 µm in size.

All our consumables including needles, petri dishes and media which are used for embryo culturing are tested for toxicity.

Currently our Assisted Reproduction Unit occupies the third floor of the building and includes:

  • Consulting/Examination rooms with imaging ultrasound systems
  • Operating Theatre for egg (oocyte) retrieval
  • Sample collection rooms
  • Recovery rooms (single or double patient rooms with WC, Cable TV and Air conditioner)
  • State of the art IVF Laboratory
  • Embryo Transfer room
  • Room for artificial insemination
  • Cryopreservation area
  • Nurse desk
  • Patient waiting areas