Meet our team

Our team includes leading reproductive and fertility physicians (gynecologists, andrologists, endocrinologists), European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology certified Senior and Clinical embryologysts, registered nurses (RN) and midwives along with geneticists, clinical laboratory staff, counsellors and administrative team.

The high professionalism of the specialists from Dr.Shterev Hospital is valued also on a European level – Assoc.Prof. Petya Andreeva, MD represents Bulgaria in the Committee of National Representatives, category “Clinicians” in ESHRE and Dr.Tanya Milachich, PhD is a Junior deputy in Special Interest Group “Reproductive Genetics” in ESHRE.

At Dr.Shterev Hospital you will have your own personal care team consisting of your physician, a team of nurses, and an international patient coordinator who will be there to support you throughout your whole treatment experience. You can stay in touch with your care team through phone and e-mail. This means you receive information, answers to any questions, and test results as quickly as possible.