Our Hospital

Dr. Shterev Hospital is conventionally located 15 min. distance from the center of Bulgaria’s capital city of Sofia in a quiet neighborhood. In an easy-to-find location, we are close to Sofia local attractions, hotels, restaurants, shops and parks and of course public transportation (subway stations, bus and tram routes).

The founder of the hospital, Prof. Atanas Shterev, MD opened his first private practise in 1991. Thirteen years later, being consistent in following his mission for giving life he founded Dr.Shterev Hospital. Founded in 2004, Dr.Shterev Hospital is one of the first private hospitals specialized in reproductive medicine in Bulgaria. The team is a pioneer with over 29 years of fertility treatment experience of its founder Prof. Atanas Shterev, MD who is the father of the first "Made in Bulgaria" test tube baby and leading provider in fertility treatments in Bulgaria.

Since its beginning as a small private hospital situated in a beautiful city of Sofia, Dr.Shterev Hospital has developed into a modern Health Facility. The new modern, eight-story, 6,500 sq. meter building opened its doors in 2013 and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to provide diagnostic and medical care at the highest national, international and European standards. The Labor and Delivery ward occupied the first hospital four-story building fully renovated in 2014. Dr.Shterev Hospital is open for emergency and scheduled care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Hospital buildings housed:

• Out-Patient Clinic named Reproductive Health (1st and 2nd floor)
• Assisted Reproduction Unit (3rd floor)
• Gynecological Unit incl.Operating Theatres with Intensive Care Unit (4th and 5th floor)
• Maternity Ward incl.Operating Theaters with Intensive Care Unit and room for normal delivery (3rd and 4th floor-hospital building one)
• Maternal-Fetal Care Unit (6th floor)
• Outpatient Rehabilitation Unit (1st floor-hospital building one)
• Diagnostic Imaging Unit
• Clinical laboratory (2nd floor)
• Andrology laboratory (1st floor)
• Genetic laboratory (6th floor)
• Histopathology laboratory
• Stem Cells Unit
• Indoor heated swimming and therapy Pool and Gym
• Pharmacy (1st floor)

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