Step by Step

The International Patient Office at Dr.Shterev Hospital is dedicated to meeting the needs of our international patients. We welcome you to Bulgaria and to Dr. Shterev Hospital! If you would like to benefit from the medical diversity and expertise of Dr.Shterev Hospital, please note the following steps:

Step 1
Contact the International Patient Office at Dr.Shterev Hospital, enclosing your medical reports.

Step 2
The International Patient Office -Team will forward your medical reports to one of ours respective physicians – fertility specialists. In general, a fertility treatment enquiry will be processed within one week. This presupposes that, all required medical documents are available and informative. The initial fertility consultation is FREE.

Step 3
After our specialists have checked your reports thoroughly, we will advise you of your options which fertility treatment is considered to be the best for you. You will also receive an estimation of the costs for your fertility treatment. Each treatment plan is tailored to meet the patient’s individual needs, taking into account the following factors: age of the patient, cause and type of infertility, previous surgical procedures, ovarian reserve and response to previous ovarian stimulation where present, etc.

Step 4
Arrange your travel and accommodation details. Travel to Sofia, Bulgaria.

Step 5
Fertility treatment begins. Please see our Fertility Journey explained in detail.

Step 6
Fertility treatment ends. Travel back to home.