Dear Shterev Hospital team,

With this email I would like to express my gratitude and a big THANK YOU!! to all of you who have contributed (directly and indirectly) to a great customer experience during my pregnancy and the second childbirth!

Being a foreigner and a non-Bulgarian speaker,  having to deal with medical services, especially when it is about a pregnancy, was a real concern at the beginning. I have chosen Shterev Hospital after trying other option recommended to me (including Tokuda Hospital) based on 2 reasons: professionalism of the medical team and customer management. Furthermore I acknowledge that from the very beginning until the childbirth everything was performed by the book, feeling that I am part of an well-established process, flowing without delays, nor confusion on why to do certain procedure/ why now… All these gave me the confidence that I have chosen the right place and that everything will turn just fine.

I would like to send special thanks to two great people: dr. Mariya Yunakova and Biliana Tsvetkova.

Dr. Yunakova’s professionalism, patience to listen, explore and explain before driving any medical conclusions made me feel confident that for any issue we may encounter on the way there is a well proven solution. All the time I had the feeling that I am in the best hands and I fully trust her medical judgement. I also appreciate her time and flexibility (as sometimes I was not the most disciplined patient and, regardless her very busy schedule, she was flexible to see me at need).

The service Biliana is providing represents a competitive advantage for Shterev Hospital in the local market (and this I state with all certainty after experiencing quite few call centres of competitive medical providers where the language was always a barrier and the waiting time to get through and get an appointment when needed was a real pain). Biliana is the example of the right person in the right place/ job, as, beside her great English and problem solving abilities, she has genuine customer care skills and dedication to what this job requires, going for the extra mile in everything she did for me (always finding appropriate solutions, always driven by the patient’s need).

I am aware that a full team of professionals works behind the scene and I am grateful for everything they’ve done (quietly) so I only felt a smooth simple process all the way! I know it is not easy to work with a non-language speaker and I appreciate their willingness to find solutions (sometimes out of the box – ex: one of the nurses taking care of the babies (not speaking English), to be able to communicate with me and help me at 2AM in the night, came with a medicine and a note in English explaining how to administer the drug and what are the next steps to solve the issue J).

Now that I hold my baby in my arms I know I was not one of “the cases” that Shterev Hospital is well known for, however, I did not feel less interest, nor less care and patience from my doctor, nor from the other members of the medical team supporting my delivery. And for me personally all this means the trust that I am in good hands. And for this feeling, I thank you all!

We wish you success in everything you do and we will definitely recommend Shterev Hospital,

Mihaela on behalf of Ionita family