This price list is designed to give you information regarding the costs involved for fertility treatment at Dr. Shterev Hospital. If any aspect of this is unclear or you’re not sure which charges apply to you please don’t hesitate to contact us on: +359 2 920 09 01 or E-mail:

Treatment packages

The IVF/ICSI packages include: personal treatment plan, all monitoring ultrasound scans, egg (oocyte) retrieval under general anesthesia, semen analysis and sperm preparation, IVF/ICSI fertilisation, embryo culture, blastocyst culture where required, embryo glue, ultrasound guided embryo transfer, detailed embryological development report and photo of transferred embryos.

The IVF/ICSI packages do not include: pre-treatment assessment, cost of drugs, hormonal level monitoring, pre-egg retrieval blood tests, all of which vary depending on your individual needs. You may also need to pay for donor sperm if required, advanced techiques and embryo freezing and storage.

IVF package – 1,380
ICSI package – 1,540, if IMSI required plus 200

Please be aware that the drug costs vary according to the regime prescribed.
Drugs (estimate) – Between 600 EUR and 1,000